If you want your charity to mentioned on this page please contact our information Co-ordinator Bob Dibben E: bobdibben@gmail.com T:01939 236178

Like most villages towns and cities there are plenty of charities in our town amongst these are 3 Charity Shops and a small charity bank in the Fire Station car Park.


Rural Charity is located in the High Street  T: 01939 236559 currently receives furniture items.  This charity are fighting depravation in rural areas.


Severn Hospice is located at 6 Leek street in Wem T: 01939234396 receives most good quality items.  This charity does a lot in helping local people.


Fire Station charity container is located in the stations  car park on Noble Street for deposits of Adults & Children’s clothing including underwear, linen, Handbags and pairs of shoes.  This charity helps injured Firemen.